The Washington Post revealed yesterday that Washington Skin’s owner Dan Snyder has bought Lady Anne, a super-yacht.

The Lady Anne is among the top 100  largest yachts in the world, measuring 224 feet and able to accommodate up to 16 guests and 18 crew members. Custom built in 2006 for around $140 million, Lady Anne features a five-story atrium staircase, a library, a gym, a pool, a massage room, rare marble, and more.

It is a true marvel, though it is not yet known if this luxury yacht will be for his personal use or is an investment, he has certainly made much stupider purchases (Albert Haynesworth comes to mind). I doubt we will see this beauty in the Anacostia or Potomac anytime soon, but I sure would like to take a ride.

It is good to be Snyder today.


Superyacht Lady Anne