The FilthySeaGal family is a hippie kind of bunch. We love being on the water, especially swimming and boating. So, of course, it isn’t entirely altruistic or surprising that we advocate environmental issues, particularly the protection of the Chesapeake Bay.

We think it is important to protect this natural resource, and we do our part by participating in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) oyster gardening program. The Bay is a fragile ecosystem. Replenishing the depleted oyster population contributes to the health of the Bay because oysters filter the Bay and also serve as fish habitat.

Friday, I took the day off work to deliver our full-grown oysters back to the CBF. We had only about 2/3 the number of oysters we typically have because crabs got into our pots and ate a lot. It was a frustrating, disappointment. But if you must have a crab problem, I choose this kind.

Crabs devastated our oyster garden this year

Crabs devastated our oyster garden this year

Anyway, we dropped off what survived the massacre and picked up a new batch of spat, baby oysters. Hopefully this year we will be more vigilant gardeners.

Baby Spat 2011

Our Baby Spat Don't Look Like Much - Yet

Oyster gardening is really, really easy and is a huge help to the Bay.

Become an Oyster Gardener if you can!