I tend to throw myself into the deep end when it comes to sports. I have a near-delusional bravado that I can learn sports quick, so I just charge ahead. Sometimes it works out, but other times (like any kind of skiing) not so much.

DISC Sailing - KISS Series - 06.14.2011

DISC Sailing - KISS Series - 06.14.2011

I mention this, because it may be a surprise to learn I haven’t taken any boating or sailing classes yet. I just signed up for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Boating Safety and Navigation class. I am pretty excited to get started with some formal training to complement the books I have been reading and my on-the-water education from my teammates.

The classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m., at the DC Harbor Police Station, 550 Water Street SW, Washington, DC.

For only $25, or $30 for two people, you’ll learn everything from local state regulations to knot tying. It is an amazing deal. Check out the syllabus below.

Sign-up soon to reserve your spot and I’ll see you there.


Jan  18  Registration; Chapter 1, Which Boat Is for You?
23  Chapter 2, Equipment: Legal Requirements
25  No class
30  Chapter 3, Trailering Your Boat

Feb   1  Chapter 4, Boat Handling
6  Chapter 5, Aids to Navigation
8  Chapter 6, Rules of the Nautical Road
13  Chapter 7, Inland Boating; Chapter 8, Boating Safety
15  Chapter 9, Introduction to Navigation
20  Chapter 11, Lines, Knots, and Splices
22  No class
27  Final Exam and Graduation

Optional classes
Feb  29  Chapter 10, Powering Your Boat

Mar  5  Chapter 12, Weather and Boating
7  Chapter 13, Your Boat’s Radio
12  Final Exam on Optional classes